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The latest update has been massive to say the least with 31 articles added. The latest conspiracy article additions are listed below by category. Don't forget if you want to submit an article on any of the topics listed in mail us at

 Aids / HIV Description

The Merchant Of AIDS

CIA and the Spread of AIDS by Clark Henderson

 Alien / UFO Description

Moon Base Photographs
UFO Base In Peurto Rico

Moon Base Photo Seen By Top Airforce Veteran
A Ufo Base Beneath the Sierra Bermeja Range in SW Puerto Rico?

 Area 51 Description

1800 Civilians At Area 51 ?
Area 51 Glossary
ABC News Report On Area 51
Behind The Black Curtain
The Cheshire Airstrip
A Visit To Dreamland
Has Area 51 Moved ?
A Personal Account
Area 51 Satellite Photographs
The Area 51 Timeline
Clintons Official Line On The Base
Inside The Secret World
JANET Facility
Road Trip To Area 51

Records Prove 1800 Civilians Are Emplyed At Area 51
Common Terms In Use About The Base
A Report On Groom Lake from ABC World News Tonight. 1994
Investigating The Air Forces Veil Of Secrecy By Max Powers
The Intrigue Of The Cheshire Airstrip By The Pilots Who Fly There 
One Mans Journey To Area 51 by Kevin Vogt
Area 51 Is Alive And Well Says Norio Hayakawa
An Area 51 Employee Tells Of His 12 Years At Area 51
CNN News Tells About The Area 51 Photographs On The Internet
A Timeline Of The Growth Of The Secret Base.
Clinton's New Official Statement On Area 51
Understanding The Reality Of Area 51
A Brief History Of The JANET Facility
A Special Report from Agent Condor, Special Assignments Team

 Military Bases Description

Pine Gap, Australia
Montauk Air Force Station
Montauk AFB History
Pine Gap Closure ?
Pine Gap Research Facility
The Dulce Report
Rudloe Manor Shakedown
Searching For Underground Bases
US Underground Facilities
WPAFB Underground Vaults

Is This The Area 51 Of Oz ?
Montauk Air Force Station - Active Or Not ?
The History Of Montauk Air Force Station
Australians Try To Evict Ultra Secret Pine Gap Base
An Introduction In to The US Pine Gap Base In Australia
A Report On The Secret Base By Jason Bishop
Rudloe Manor Secrecy Shakedown
Search For Bases And Searching For The Truth
A General Introduction In Underground Bases
Wright Patterson Air Force Base Underground Vault System

 New Technology Description

No Article Added this Update


 New World Order Description

No Article Added this Update


 Miscellaneous Description

Hollow Planets
Is The Earth Hollow
TWA 800
Wakenhut Corporation

A Report About Hollow Earth Theory From An Unknown Author
An Introduction To Hollow Earth Theory
What Happened On Board The Stricken Jet ?
An Introduction In To The Wakenhut Security Corporation

 Secret Aircraft Description

No Article Added this Update


 Space / Moon Description

No Article Added this Update


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