An Introduction In To The Dark World Of Space / Moon Conspiracies

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Of all our sister planets in our solar system, Mars has long been thought to be the most capable of sustaining life.The Red Planet has inspired speculative writers from H.G. Wells to Ray Bradbury to weave tales of it's fictional inhabitants'encouraged by what appeared to be "canals" on it's surface, a sure sign of life in some part of it's history.But when NASA's Mariner Project to Mars (1965 -1971) transmitted pictures of an apparently dead planet of rocks and sand' it became clear that there was no life there , and perhaps never had been. But speculation rose again in 1971 , when Mariner 9 beamed back photographs from the Elysium Quadrangle on Mars, showing pyramid like  mountains. This speculation rose to fever pitch in 1976 when NASAs Viking Mars Mission snapped photographs of what appeared to be a city of pyramids in Mars Cydonia region. Among those 50,000 photographs taken by the Viking probe, Frame 35A72 carried the biggest surprise: a picture of a giant face in the Martian soil-- a face that was 1.2 miles wide, 1.6 miles long and 1,500 feet high. If that wasn't enough there was also a five sided pyramid  near the face estimated to be two miles wide.
While the world sat stunned by the image'NASA quickly downplayed any possibility that this face was any more than a natural rock formation, the accidental creation of wind and erosion, and most definately not a deliberate work art  by some long dead Martian hands. As independant  researchers continued thier investigations, cataloguing the constructs as "The City" "The Fort" "The Pyramid" and  "The Face", with growing evidence that these were signs of alien life, NASAs constant dismissal began to sound  more and more suspicious. Finally NASA, perhaps bowing to public pressure, agreed to take closer photographs of the Cydonia Region with the new Mars Observer Probe in 1993. But just as Observer was about to go into orbit around Mars, it mysteriously stopped working. 

The pyramid was found by researchers to have a precise mathamatical design, ( including a constant logarithmic base), and when viewed from above, strongly resembled Leonardo Da Vinci's "Man in a Squared  Circle". Further the Pyramid, the City, and the Face all form the points of a perfect equalatrial triangle.


NASA could be lying about it's true feelings about the monuments on Mars, for reasons both sinister and well intentioned. By lying about the Observers breakdown, NASA could continue to study the monuments without  the interference of nosy media, hoping to keep any technological discoveries to it's self, thus ensuring increased Federal funding.Or it could be hoping to shield  the public from knowledge that would bring panic and social discord. The panic that Orson Welles caused with his production of "The War Of The Worlds" makes it easy to see what public reaction to Mars discoveries would be.Th Associated Press uncovered proof that NASA does indeed try and obfuscate news it  views potetially hamful, so the groundwork is there. NASA is also bound by it's constitution to work in accordance with the government to withold any information regarded as a threat to  national security. The undeniable truth of alien life on nearby Mars, would surely fall into that category.

The Super powers Russia and America
The denial of these Monuments could be an attempt by these governments to stall while they prepare a media blitz to acclimatize  humanity to the existance of aliens.This is borne up by Ronald Reagan's obscure references to alien life in at least three seperate speeches.


Perhaps there is still life on Mars, and they are less happy with constant attention by NASA and the Russian space probes. By destroying several 
 craft that have come too near their home, the Martians would have sent a sharp message to stay clear. In this scenario NASA would simply be 
 bullied into  denying the Monuments in order to save mankind from further damaging  reprisals. 

Ancient Egyptians
Judging from the Egyptian motifs in the Sphinx -like face and Martian Pyramids, it has been suggested that Egyptians travelled to Mars through a dimentional gate or with alien assistance. This would explain beliefs  in Egyptian mythology about the dead needing to journey  to the Land of the Dead (Mars) while being mummified (a crude interpretation of the suspended animation necessary for a long space flight). The ancient Maya are suspected for similar reasons.

The similarities between the Face an it's surrounding constructs, and the Sphinx and the Pyramids at Giza, are shocking. The shared design on both creations from a headress to a similar expression, coupled with the relative physical placement of he Pyramids, suggests a shared time of constuction. This woul pre-date modern man, and would fit with current archeologic theory leaning towards the creation of the Sphinx  being long before the rise of the Egyptians.The crude face could be said to resemble Australopithicus, which would have been man's current state of evolution when the Face and Sphinx were constructed.

Most Mysterious Fact
Carl Sagan, media celebrity and author of Contact, discounted the Monuments while paradoxically professing to believe in extra terrestrial life. His close connection to NASA bears consideration on this point. Was he picked to speak out because of his reputation?

Governments lie. It's what they do. If an  alien ship landed in the Tower of London, painting the Ravens pink and stealing the Crown Jewels before departing for the stars with a rude sound , all it would take  to cover it up would be the government telling people it was a movie promotion. And everyone would believe them. It's easier to sleep at night if you do. However, just this once they may actually be telling the truth - so much of the conspiracy is based on unprovable conjecture given the impossibility of nipping over to Mars to check it out.

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