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May 2002 - Updated

31 new Articles and a minor security update. Print Function added to all documents and a minor update to the navigation system. Massive marketing campaign is now underway to make Area-X the definiative resource for conspiracys on the internet. 'Alien Images' has been removed to free up server space and allow for more documents to be published.

March 2002 - Updated

3rd Birthday. New site design and content update with 38 Articles added. Message boards now with new topics and revamped design. Live web chat now every Sunday. New "Top 10" section has been added

October 2001 - Updated

Minor site redesign. 16 Articles added and 11 new downloads to view. Mailing list is now offline due to redundant server. Message boards now with new topics and new design. Columnists section has been removed due to high maintenance requirements. Downloads are now available after server crash.

April 2001 - Updated

New site design. 35 articles added this update with "Majestic 12 Handbook" added in downloads section. Chat room and History pages added. 'Black op' conspiracy section is removed (due to lack of information), some of the old pages are re-formatted and updated.

January 2001 - Updated

New site design. Further reading, contact information and search facilities all added. massive downloads update with  movies and misc files added.,,, and domains all registered. newsletter is now available

October 2000 - Updated domain name is registered and the site undergoes massive transformation in architecture and design, is now a dedicated conspiracy theory website with 42 articles online

August 2000 - Updated

New architecture added to allow massive growth of conspiracy articles online. 37 articles added. Message boards appear for the first time. A total of 57 articles online. 8 Movies online

March 1999 - First Released

First released as 'Matts Life - sex drugs and sausage rolls' which was a compilation of articles, jokes, and downloads. A bit boring and the design still makes us cringe

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