An Introduction In To The New World Order Conspiracies

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[New World Order]

There is,within society, a highly organized cabal of world leaders, bankers, religious figures and business leaders who have a vision of a united Earth. These VIPs,  along with certain powerful but mystical adepts, and a smattering of seemingly ordinary people form the leadership of the NWO, the New World Order. They and there predecessors have been manipulating World events for centuries in order to bring about  their goal.
 The NWO has several very specific aims in mind The peoples of the Earth must be united under one governmental body, sweeping aside nationalists divides and replacing patriotic bigotry with beliefs in the common bonds of humanity. There is to be one currency, one language, one fair set of laws, and one race. Religion is another major source of conflict so it is to be abolished.
National armies will no longer be needed in the New World Order, so they too can be abolished. Because pollution is destroying the biosphere,our consumption of industrial technology will have to be reduced, and we must get back to nature. Half of the Earth's surface will be given back to nature for "rewilding", so that we don't kill the planet. Finally universal education, contraception and certain tax incentives will allow the planets population to be reduced to just two billion, a third of it's current size. It all sounds rather pleasant really, doesn't it?
Apparently not. There are those who believe   that succumbing to the NWOs outrageous plans, would be the start of a servile bondage so vile it can barely be mentioned. The fact remains that the NWO is prepared to use  any and all means necessary to achive it's ends. The leaders of the New World Order clearly see that society is killing the World, and if two thirds of the population has to be slaughtered to save the remaining third, then that is two billion lives saved, rather than four billion needlessly wasted, or so the reasoning goes.
The New World Order has long held a drive to terrorize and traumatise the populace into accepting one central government this is an easier path than using reason. The first stage involves achieving a global  infosphere of media networks that can be manipulated. With the advent of the Internet and sattelite communications, this has been achieved. As part of the drive to scare us, the NWO is directly responsible for both World Wars, global warming, Heroin, crack, serial killers Cancer ,genetically modified food, daytime television, AIDS, Kurt Kobain, Hiroshima and in fact everything wrong with the world.They are the "Them" that we have all been talking about for so long. They are prepared to kill any and almost all of us, in order to save us.

To help make the idea of one central government more palatable, the NWO created  the United Nations, a prototype of the planned political structure. In addition they divided the world into three significant power blocs, in the forms of NATO (the west), the Warsaw Pact(the Soviet States) and Seato (everyone else). These blocs were designed to provide sufficient tension that people would wish for unification, while also showing that countries could work within organizations larger than themselves profitably.


The Illuminati
When Adam Weisshaupt founded the Bavarian Illuminati in 1776 it was with express purpose of taking over the World.They, and he, (thanks to the applince of magic, Weisshaupt hardly ages at all)  have been fronting the New World Order all this time.

The United Nations
Fed up with being caught between the US and Russia, the United Nations has decided that it is best suited to running the  world. Only the UN has the bradth of vision to reprent all the peoples of the Earth fairly. 


The driving force behind the New World Order is the Devil. Once the NWO has come into power, it will elect the Antichrist as leader, and then the End Times (the "Tribulation")will be upon us.

The Greys
According to some, the Greys long ago took control of the highest authourityon the globe  and are the real power behind the NWO. When it is established  and large sections of humanity are disposed of, it will be much easier for them to run the Planet.

The launch of the Euro, a common pan-european currency, is another clear step for smoothing the way to integration. Despite the radically different natures of the European economies, one currency with a fixed value is supposed to be sustainable, a move clearly aimed at eroding trditional sovereignty. Further more the Euro is made up of  dollars and cents' which is obviously to pave the way for a unification with the dollar early in the twenty first century. 

Maybe someone is playing with the weather.... El nino is a well documented cycle in the Gulf Stream, which occurs every seven years, brining storms and troublesome weather. However the extreme weather patterns of 1996, 1997, and 1998 have all been blamed on the El Ninio current. The chances of a seven yearly cyclical event accidentally repeating two years running are small, but for it to  for a third consecutive year is beyond the bounds of coincidence.

Given the difficulty most governments  seem to have just merely organising  their own internal financial flow, it would be astonishing if such a group of people all of whom are going to have ther own vested interests could organise events in the world at large to such an amazing degree. If the Devil is behind it what does he care if we are one nation or 200?.

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