TWA 800
What Happened On Board The Stricken Jet ?

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It is possibly the greatest unspoken fear of every air traveller that the craft in which they are passengers will crash. While many pretend to be blasé about air travel, few escape a momentary fear at some point during a flight. This horrible fear was realised by passengers and crew of TWA flight800 on July 17 1996. Eleven minutes into the journey from New York’s Kennedy Airport, destined for Paris France, the Boeing 747 suddenly exploded about 10 miles from Long Island, killing everyone on board.An investigation into the disaster was quickly launched, with boats out collecting wreckage from the plane, searching for some clue as to what may have caused the explosion an explosion that gave no warning, according to the crafts black box flight recorders. Finally, the National Transportation Safety board, after investigating the FBI and the CIA, determined that flight 800 crashed because its centre-wing fuel tank had exploded. Arcing between two wires, with a spark igniting the jet's volatile fuel might have caused this. The investigation was then closed down. Many people dispute these findings. Eyewitnesses claim to have seen something arcing into the sky after flight 800, with much speculation that what they saw was a surface to air missile. Was flight 800 hit by a terrorist attack, or was it something much darker such as a missile fired by the US military?. In the eyes of the US government, the case is closed, but in the eyes of conspiracy theorists, including members of the military and the airlines themselves, there was no investigation only a cover up.

Dr Vernon Grose, who served as a board member of the National Transportation Safety Board, had defended the board's official explanation for the crash of flight 800. He changed his mind and began to feel that there had indeed been a cover-up He pointed his finger at  the FBI and it's suppression of 
eyewitness testimony that what appeared to be a missile had hit flight 800.


The US Military
The US military may have been practising manoeuvres, including the firing of missiles, in an area designated as W-105 located off the southeast coast of Long Island. A Navy "Hot Area", W105 is about 30 miles away from where flight 800 mysteriously exploded. In a potentially lethal "gaffe", the first report of the accident is thought to have come from the Pentagon, which is again highly suspicious. particularly as the snippet of news  was quickly covered up. The airspace surrounding TWA flight 800 was heavy with military aircraft that night, once again indicating possible military involvement. A photograph taken by Linda Kabot reproduced in Paris Match, clearly shows a missile in the sky at the time Flight 800 exploded there's a clear view of a cylindrical object with the bright light of an exhaust at one end. The authorities on the basis that she was facing away from the actual explosion when she took the picture discounted her photograph. This poses the question of just how many missiles are flying around American airspace at any given time. It's interesting to note that the FBI paid little heed to such eyewitness reports in its investigation.

The popular image was of a terrorist firing the missile while balancing in a dinghy. The fact that the missile launched could not have been fired that way (too big) didn't stop the media from embracing it and does not mean there was not a terrorist plot.


Flight 800 could have run across a UFO, which was monitoring the military activity below. The UFO destroyed the plane as a reaction of being discovered. 

A secret base is rumoured to be in the area near where Flight 800 went down "Project Phoenix" is thought to be an underground, top-secret facility located at Montauk Air Force Base, which is itself thought to be abandoned A possibility exists that Flight 800 was destroyed by a secret weapon from 
this base, which would explain the cover-up, undertaken in the name of American National security.

Data taken from nearby air traffic control towers clearly show a blip appearing on radar screens. This blip then rises, and appears to follow flight 800.It is later seen to move to the front of the plane before merging with the planes flight path. 

The Navy didn't find the black box recorders for a week, claiming the locater beacons had broken. Subsequent investigations showed this not to be true, suggesting the boxes were found earlier than reported and Tampered with so the data fitted the military's story.

Two Words: Lawsuit: Avoidance.

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