Searching For Underground Bases
Search For Bases And Searching For The Truth

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When discussing the UFO phenomena, one has to be careful what he chooses to talk about for several reasons. There is currently no physical evidence from a UFO available, to the public, to prove UFOs are real, however those of us investigating this subject do believe physical evidence does exist. Skeptics and non-believers still need that physical proof to believe that UFOs are real (seeing is believing). Perhaps the scientific community will someday have that and together with what documents and witnesses investigators and researchers have uncovered during many years of study on this subject, we will all be enlightened and the truth will finally emerge. 

In previous articles I have discussed the need for factual information and credibility, and I continue to maintain the importance of that. This article will deal with factual information and also as is the case in my lectures and presentations, I will attempt to open your mind with possibilities and reports not yet confirmed, but extremely possible. 

Some of us believe another cover-up exists, perhaps as astonishing as the UFO cover-up, also denied by the military and government, sometimes in the name of National Security, which appears to be their favorite excuse for keeping information from the public. The government really needs to understand who is paying the bills for these projects and that the Constitution of this great country still begins with the words "We the People...." We are educated enough to understand the truth, if they will only share it with us as the rightful owners of the information. Who has given a few the authority to make these decisions and determine what we should or should not be told? 

Belief in a subterranean world has been handed down as myth, tale or rumor for generations from all over the world. Some of these stories date back to ancient times such as Socrates referring to huge hollows within the earth, inhabited by man. The Hopis Indians believed they emerged from a world below the earth through a tunnel at the base of the San Francisco peaks near Flagstaff, Arizona. 

Whether these caverns exist within the earth is anyone's guess. With satellite technology evolving to what it is today, it is a fact that many governments have built underground tunnels and facilities for a variety of reasons. The Chinese, Russians, Koreans and Vietnamese to mention a few, all built subterranean tunnels and bases. It shouldn't come as a surprise that America has been building its own underground world. 

Huge boring machines, (30-40 feet in diameter), are used in constructing tunnels and the tunnels it is believed, are needed to connect one underground facility to another. Proof that this equipment exists and is being used is available via the internet and most recently in two books, which I highly recommend to anyone interested in learning more about this topic. The author of the books is Richard Sauder, PhD. His first book "Underground Bases and Tunnels (What is the Government trying to Hide)" leaves little to the imagination about how real this subject is, perhaps taking place under your feet as you read this. The second book, just recently published "The Sauder Report: Notes from the Underground" is an impressive 768 pages, and contains an amazing collection of Federal documents from archives all over the country. 

Are underground facilities real? Ever heard of Area 51 which the government denied existed for some 40 years, NORAD in the Cheyenne mountain in Colorado? And what about the missile silos of the 60's built at a cost of several million dollars each and utilized for only a few years. All of these facilities have living quarters for many people underground for long periods of time. What about the underground facilities that FEMA, (Federal Emergency Management Agency) has at places such as Mount Weather, Virginia, 46 miles from Washington, DC, capable of housing over 200 people for over a month underground. Officially, Mount Weather doesn't exist, but neither did Area 51 for many years. How many other areas are there under our feet that we don't know about? Public awareness of these facilities and their purpose would raise serious questions about who holds the reins of power in this country. 

Another is the Greenbrier Facility in West Virginia, capable of accommodating up to 800 people. The list goes on and on, and what purpose do they serve that we cannot be told about them since as taxpayers we should be holding the mortgage on them through our tax dollars. 

John Greenewald recently submitted a FOIA request to the Air Force about an alleged underground facility in New Mexico referred to as Project Tobacco, which is supposedly related to the UFO phenomena and aliens. The response from the Air Force didn't mention his request about Project Tobacco, but instead indicated the Air Force was not a repository for UFO information. Many believe the Air Force "slipped up" in their response, since Greenewald hadn't mentioned UFOs in his FOIA request. 

The technology to construct large underground facilities with tunnels has been available for many years. One of the newer pieces of equipment used to bore through the earth is a nuclear tunnel boring machine, developed at Los Alamos, with a United States patent, dated Sept. 26, 1972. Can we wonder what has been developed in the 27 years since that machine was patented? 

In the speculative portion of this subject, Area 51 has to be foremost on our minds. We all agree that projects are performed there that deal with National Security, and secrecy has to be maintained for that, but are there 22 levels below ground?, are there alien craft housed 4 levels below the surface at S-4?, is alien technology or maybe aliens themselves part of the facility? 

Another location that refuses to go away with all of the denial is Dulce, NM. Is there an underground base located in the northern part of New Mexico? Does it contain aliens? Is genetic experimentation taking place there as many reports have indicated? Did Phil Schneider actually confront aliens in 1978, resulting in a fire fight between grey aliens and Black Berets? Schneider went public in 1995 and seven months later was allegedly found dead in his apartment with a piano wire wrapped around his neck. 

Our First Amendment right to Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press is only as strong as we make it. We have the constitutional right to go into libraries and databases, and to learn all we can about what the government and major corporations are doing. I'm trying to exercise that right, and I hope you will do the same.

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