An Introduction In To The Dark World Of The Men In Black Conspiracies

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[Men In Black]

If you have seen a UFO and report it to the police, you can expect many things, ridicule, questions concerning your alcohol consumption, odd looks from friends, and perhaps a call from a local newspaper looking for a bit of light news for the next days edition.But even worse than the preceding events, you may recieve a visit from the dreaded Men In Black.

The Men In Black  have long been associated with UFO sightings and phenomena. They are reported to have appeared at  the homes of some UFO witnesses  shortly after they've reported their sightings to the police or media, threatening them to keep quiet.    Any materials found relating to a UFO sighting are promptly confiscated. In some cases they have  even knocked on doors of witnesses before they have told anyone of what they have seen, seemingly knowing everything that has  happened before the witnesses have had chance to sort it all out in their own heads themselves. The Men In Black  deliver their message in a  variety of ways,  from direct threats to  roundabout hints, but their message always carries the same dark undertone "Keep your mouth shut or you will regret it..."The Men In Black are so called because of their sartorial colour of choice Black suits, black hats and black sunglasses.... this intimidating colour scheme extends to their cars-- vintage models of Buicks, Caddilacs or Lincolns. They have been described as having  complexions ranging from olive to grey to dark, with slightly slanting eyes, speaking in an almost computer-like monotone. Their age is difficult to determine, since all of them seem to be verging towards middle-age. They move in a robot like manner, and are perhaps summed up in one word:"odd".  Despite their numerous appearances and incredible powers of intimidation, finding conclusive proof of the existence of the Men In Black is as slippery a task as aquiring evidence of the existence of the very UFOs they seek to protect. 

The Men In Black definatley seem to be not of this world. Examples of this can be found in reports of MIBs disintegrating coins in their hands and inexplicably trying to sing to birds in trees. In one incident, a MIBsat down on a chair, which caused his trouser leg to rise up. There apparantly grafted to his leg was a large green wire. In other cases MIBs are seen crossing muddy fields, yet arrive without a single spot of mud on them. In the most vicious cold weather they will show up wearing nothing but a thin coat, oblivious to the deadly chill.


In an effort to keep their activities on Earth quiet, aliens would employ the Men In Black to supress any media attention to their activities by intimidating eye witnesses  of UFOs into fearful silence. From their inhuman way of moving and their mechanical way of speaking, the MIBs could be androids, programmed by the aliens involved in the sighting they are sent supress. Some people think that the MIBs are aliens themselves, possibly Greys or another race the Horlocks,( a reptilian race  without souls).This would explain  their remarkable strangeness around other human beings.

US Government
Working in conjuction with the aliens, the US Government would utilize the MIBs and their attendant  oddities to supress reports of UFOs. The Men In Black would be actors instructed to be as odd and bizarre as possible, thus adding to the already confused and emotional state of eyewitnesses. The MIBs would be untraceable agents, not linked to any known  governmental institution, thus allowing the "Powers that be" to keep their hands clean of any violation of human rights.


The Planet Sirius
The symbol of the Eye of Horus has been linked with secret societies in allegiance with the planet Sirius. This same symbol has been seen on some MIBs, and some Men In Black have said they work for an organization called "The Nation Of The Third Eye." The role they play in the plans of the  denizens of Sirius is unclear. 

UFO Eyewitnesses
If UFO sightings are nothing more than a complete mental breakdown of the witness involved, then the appearance of the MIB could be just a continuation of the hallucination, perhaps representing the witnesses  need for  punishment and correction.

The power of the Men In Black cannot be discounted. They have been responsible for the cancellation of SPACE REVIEW, a magazine dedicated to studying flying saucers, and have even gone as far as gassing an eyewitness  during a terrifying interrogation. It is possible that  incontrovertible proof of alien existence does  exist, wether it is photos, videos or actual aliens, but it has been supressed by the  ruthless efficiency of the MIBs. Research has discovered that the lineage of the Men In Black may go back as far as the Elizabethan age . 

The vintage  automobiles of the MIBs are often illuminated from within  by  other worldly greenish glows, and their clothing has a "shiny" alien texture to it  that doesn't  correspond to any known fabric on Earth. 

If their were truly aliens, with the technology available to allow them to travel between the stars and capable of wiping out the memories of abductees, then why would they waste their time sending  loonies in bad suits to knock on doors?  Surely a good death ray would do the trick.

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