What Is A Conspiracy ?
By the Webmaster

Everything you have been taught to believe is wrong. History is a lie. There is a secret earth that you have been prevented from ever finding out about. Your life has been controlled from the moment of your birth by sinister, hidden forces. You are not paranoid enough and yes, they really are plotting to get you. Everything is a conspiracy and you have been duped. Everyone has heard at least one conspiracy theory and many people believe that the one they know is valid.
    Why have conspiracy theory's become such a widespread part of our culture ? Maybe they are a reaction to the times we live in. We are saturated with information, but often we are at a loss to comprehend it. The world is full of frightening, inexplicable events that we feel powerless to understand or control. Conspiracy Theorists provide a narrative to explain what is going on. Possibly, knowing about a conspiracy helps us to feel less powerless; we become insiders to the secrets instead of merely being helpless unknowing victims. It may also be that we NEED conspiracy theories. Society has always found it necessary to devise and require scapegoats - to explain that the evils of the world are the responsibility of the few. This is  probably one of the most dangerous aspects of conspiracy theories, which can be little more than clever propaganda designed to provide an excuse for distrusting those who are different to us. Of course, another reason why conspiracy theory's are everywhere is that they are so damn entertaining ! Where else can you find stories with a cast containing extraterrestrial, film stars, heads of state and secret society's ?They even have the added possibility of true, as you can never prove that a really big conspiracy is false. After all, if it is big enough and successful enough, all the usual investigating authorities are designed to be apart of it !
    When you begin investigating conspiracy theory's you find, very quickly that you can never make one up that is more convincing than one already in existence. Often even the oddest plots is backed by some facts that could be thought of as 'evidence', and is supported by an unbelievable amount of believers. That said, it is important to remember that not all conspiracy theories are only believed by the paranoid fantasists that originally dreamed them up. A few years ago it was rumored that there was a conspiracy to cover up the fact that since 1932, the US government had been conducting an experiment on more than 200 poor, unwitting black men in Tuskegee, Alabama in order to study the effects of syphilis.
    It seemed wildly implausible that the respected 'center for disease control' would allow these people to die, and there wives and children to acquire the disease without telling them. Common sense suggested it was ridiculous that the authorities would plot to do something like this and then conspire to cover it up. Yet the skeptics were proved correct. The conspiracy was eventually exposed and president Clinton traveled to Tuskegee to apologize to the survivors of this shameful incident in american history. So as you read this site and leave behind your safe, secure world of official versions and commonly accepted views and enter in to a scary world of bizarre, mind boggling and often highly implausible conspiracies, remember Tuskegee. Remember that you may not be paranoid enough. Remember everything you know is wrong !

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