An Introduction In To The Dark World Of Bob Lazar Conspiracies

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[Bob Lazar]

The conspiracy surrounding this man is one of the largest theories in existence today. Theorists have long suspected of a technology exchange with alien visitors and in return they get to abduct humans for DNA information, but never has anyone actually claimed to posses such knowledge first hand, then in 1989 along came Bob Lazar, who publicly claimed the following amazing story.
Bob Lazar publicly appeared on an American TV program in the late 80's he claimed that he had worked on 'reverse engineering' alien technology at a secret location south of Area-51, this location was known to him as Area S-4, inside S-4 are 9 UFO's which were given to the US government as part of a technology exchange. These craft used advanced Anti-Gravity propulsion systems and could be rendered 'invisible to the human eye' by bending light around the hull. Bob Lazars job was, as part of a team, to figure out how they worked! Bob's cover was blown when he brought some friends to watch the scheduled Wednesday night test flights from a near by mountain. After being discovered by the authorities Bob feared for his life and decided the only way to protect himself was to tell his story to the media, by doing this he hoped that his disappearance would look suspicious, so the government would leave him alone. Bob Lazar then became part of a very different game, the government knew they could no longer kill him and decided that the only course of action was to discredit him. None of Lazars credentials could be backed up, his university details were never found, this to many did discredit bob lazar as no one could even tell if he did attend university. Lazar feared that the government was wiping all of his records; this in part can be confirmed as the American establishment even went so far as to remove all existence of his birth! . To date there has never even been a birth certificate found for Bob Lazar (strange huh!), this as we all know is impossible so who removed it, who has power to remove it and why would anyone want to remove it? (Unless they had something to hide?) Bob went in to great detail about what happens at Area S-4, and somebody wants him to keep his mouth shut!


Element 115 that Bob said is 'fuel source' for the alien craft, was actually discovered in 2001 !, remember that his claims were made 12 years earlier in 1989.

The present whereabouts of Bob Lazar are unknown


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