Bob Lazar
S4 Scientist Goes Public

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Between December 1988 and April 1989, the area known as Groom Lake, on the Nellis Air Force Range in central Nevada became unusually popular. The now infamous Area 51 and especially the Groom and Papoose dry lake beds were relatively unknown terms to the mainstream community from the mid 1970's to 1989.  The scientific circles knew it as  "Dreamland " or as the Skunkworks or simply as Groom Lake.  One night in May 1989, a reporter broadcast a story from a satellite link in Las Vegas Nevada. A young physicist spoke under hidden identity, and told us of nine alien discs held near Groom Lake by a small, autonomous group of the American goverment. He used the psudonym "Dennis"  which turned out to be the name of his superior at the base. A few weeks later he went on camera using his real name, Bob Lazar, and he has been the subject of world-wide curiosity, speculation and controversy ever since.
    Lazar was flown from McCarran Airport in Las Vegas to Area 51 which is a highly secure government base on the Nevada Test Site. Area 51 is located about 125 miles north of Las Vegas near the Groom mountains and the Groom dry lake bed. "From Area 51 , I was bussed to an even more highly secure facility located about 15 miles from Area 51 , called S4 ." The following satellite images were obtiained to verify the existence of a secret base Lazar said he worked at. Lazar provided Latitude and Longitude coordinates and times he worked at S4 and JFI imaging checked it out.

The coordinates of Area S4 are N 37° 01' 40", W 115° 46' 35". Note the shiny refective object


    Carved into the base of the Papoose mountain is a laboratory including nine hangars, each one housing an alien disc. It was at this base where Lazar worked. In addition to the hands on experience with the Reticulan craft and propulsion system, Lazar and other scientists were briefed on programs relating to these aliens and their involvement with the human race. The briefings presented an overview of aliens "externally correcting" our evoulution over the last 10,000 years and least 15 years of direct technology exchange between extra-terrestrial beings and the scientists at S4 .

    The S4 installation is built into the mountain with the hangar doors built on an angle matching the slope of the mountain. These doors are covered with a sand textured coating to blend in with the side of the mountain and the desert floor. This was designed to hide the base from soviet spy satellites like the one that heads this site. In the illustration above, the satellite image was mapped to USGS altitude data. The small black rectangle represents the bus with the blacked out windows that drove Lazar and the other scientists from Groom Lake(Area 51 ) to Area S4 . The bus drove pass all nine hangars doors which are numbered one through nine respectively  before turning to the left aat the end of the ninth hangar and parking at an indentation in the mountain.  This is where the entrance to S4 is. Groom Lake (Area 51 ), lies on the other side of this mountain range illustrated below.

These illustrations were drawn on top of actual spy satellite photos of the Papoose dry lakebed in central Nevada. The coordinates of the hangar doors are N 37° 01' 40", W 115° 46' 35".
    United States Geological Survey (USGS) altitude data, combined with a type of "stereo photography" which the satellite employs when exposing the negative we are able to create a three dimensional model of the area Lazar described as the hangar doors. Lazar simply provided the designers with the coordinates  and explanined the path traveled in the bus that drove him from Groom lake to the S4 facility. With that, these recreations were created of  typical Wednesday night flight preparations.The bus with the blacked out windows drove south in the early evening. The sun would usually be setting to Lazar's right side as he rode the 15 mile shuttle to S4 .Once approaching S4 , the bus would drive the length of the nine hangar doors and make a sharp left turn to park. The scientists were let out of the bus and directed to the entrance. This was simply a steel door in the side of the mountain

When the bus that transported Lazar and others from the Groom Lake facility reached Papoose Lake or S4 , it made a sharp left turn after it passed the hangar doors to its left. Once stopped, the bus door opened out to another steel door inset in the side of the mountain. The "workers" would step out, past guards holding barking snarling dogs. Except these dogs were different.  For all the fangs and snarling and barking, there was no sound coming out.  The dogs had their vocal chords cut out to avoid being detected. Once inside the door, there was a single guard sitting at a desk in a barren room. Behind him was a door. The entrants were checked and led to another small room with a handreader and another door. This door led into the long hallway which ran the length of the hangar doors and also led to the briefing rooms, restroom and nurse's station. The white areas are the only areas Lazar was allowed to cover. And even then under guard.

Lazar was exclusively involved in Project Galileo.  Two other projects running concurrently were known as project  Sidekick and project  Looking Glass.

Project Galileo:
Dealt with the Propulsion System and was the main area of study for Lazar. The following fields of study were available to him in briefing form only. He was taken to the briefing room and told to study reports about propulsion and the role of gravity as the propulsion medium. Harnessing, amplifying and lensing the basic gravity A wave has many other possibilities. The following two other projects were presented to Lazar in briefing form. Since he found the reports pertaining to his hands-on field of study to be accurate, he had to assume the other two projects were accurate.

Project Sidekick:
Dealt with A Beam Weapon potential of the craft and the attempt to prototype one.  Somehow using gravity and lensing it in order columnate the beam. Once the beam is focused in a triangulated manner on a specific point, the options of destructions are endless.

Project Looking Glass:
Dealt with the Physics of Seeing the effects of an artificially produced gravity wave on time. This as with the other projects all embraced gravity and the control of it, and therefore the control of Space/Time as the key element.

Conspiracy Therory
"There's a small segment of the United States government that makes scientific and technological judgments from a knowledge base that is not available to the general public. When someone is indoctrinated at S4 , they are exposed to at least part of that knowledge base. When I first began at S4 , I would randomly be taken into a small room, which contained a table, a chair, and 120 or so briefings in blue folders. I'd be left there to read for varying amounts of time, usually about half an hour. These briefings contained a wide spectrum of information, mostly relating to aliens and alien technology. These reports appeared to be an overview of alien information which could be used to brief scientists from any field about the scope of the whole project, and not just their specific field of endeavor. "

"The information in the overview of project Galileo was accurate. I read the overview and later witnessed evidence which proved it to be accurate. So it is possible that scientists involved with other projects could have seen evidence that these other overviews were also accurate, but I can't make that assertion. To me, these reports were simply words and pictures on paper. So to keep from saying allegedly and supposedly in every sentence, Lazar relays this information to the public as he read it since he already put this disclaimer on it.

    This hangar (room with the disc) was at the end of a long row of nine identical hangars. Each with a sliding door between them and the trademark "sloped" door, commensurate with the slope of the mountian. The hangar also had a machine with an X-ray emblem on it.
An overhead gantry-type crane rated at 20,000 pounds could lift the disc up and out of the hangar. Equipment in this hangar was marked with a black number 41 with a white circle around it.

The People at S4.
    This area was entirely underground with the only apparent access to be the entrance, and the nine hangar doors. All the scientists exited the bus and entered the small steel door in the side of the mountian, 90 degrees to the sloped hangar doors. Lazar worked in his lab area with one other. Barry Castillio, who was also involved in the propulsion experiments. Barry was a heavy set man, and was there much longer than Lazar. The program at S4 was compartmentalized with each group shut off from the next.  People in the program worked on a limited buddy system. Barry being Lazar's first and primary work related contact at S4 .
The first day at S4 Lazar was taken to the nurse's office and asked to submit to a dermal allergin test.  A grid was drawn on his arm and diluted solutions of various substances were placed in each section.   On the next visit to S4 the sections were checked for any skin erruptions or other adverse reactions to the allergins.He was also given a substance to drink which he was told would bolster his immune system response to the alien materials with which he might come into contact.   He drank the liquid which he said smelled like pine.  Later that night he suffered severe abdominal cramps undoubtedly related to the substance he drank. The only other person introduced to Lazar at S4 was a man known only as Rene. There were only 22 persons with clearance to be at S4 .  Rene's field of study and length of stay at S4 is unknown.Lazar's supervisor was a man named Dennis Mariani. Mr. Mariani was Lazar's contact for the first interview at a front company called EG&G (Edgerton, Germeshausen and Grier). At the time, it was located at the McCarran airport in Las Vegas. It has since been moved to a secure location inside Nellis Air Force Base. Lazar watched the testflights from within the hangar where you see the Sportmodel. What was more frightening of all were the reports of the ALIENS INVOLVEMENET with the human race over the last 10,000 years.

Aliens - The Beings:
The beings are three to four feet tall and weigh twenty five to fifty pounds. Their bodies vaguely resemble a human toddler's torso if emaciated from hunger.  They have grayish skin and large-heads with almond shaped wrap-around eyes. They have very slight nose, mouth, and ear positions and are hairless.

The technology presented within this site was brought to earth by some alien beings from the Zeta Retuculi 1 & 2 star system. These stars are located in the constellation of Reticulum which can only be seen from the southern hemisphere. Zeta Reticuli is a binary star system, which means it has two stars, and is located approximately 37 light years from earth. These beings are from Reticulum 4 which is the 4th planet out from Zeta 2 Reticuli. This is the way star systems were referred to in these blue folder reports that Lazar read in the briefing room. They simply designate the name of the star and then number the planets from the nearest to the furthest from the star.
    Our star, the Sun, was designated as Sol and the earth was referred to as Sol 3 because we're the third planet out from the sun. Mars would be Sol 4, Venus would be Sol 2, etc. One day on Reticulum 4, the planet these aliens are from, is 90 earth hours long, which indicates that, just like the earth, their planet also rotates on it's axis as it orbits around Zeta 2 Reticuli.
    In the same blue-folder briefings which accurately represented the fields of study Lazar and the others at S4 were involved with, were other briefings that involved the beings, their motives and the historical involvement with this planet.  A few of the briefing dealt with claims the aliens made regarding their involvement with us. Lazar emphasized that these were "simply words on paper" and even if truly documented, they could have been lies on the part of the Reticulans.

With these disclaimers in mind, following is a list of those statements.

The Reticulans claimed to have genetically "externally corrected" our evolution up to 65 times over the last ten thousand years.  Divided evenly, that would be one correction every 150 years.

Humans were referred to a "containers".  Unfortunately the aliens viewed us simply as containers of genetic material. Literally, Genetic Cultures.

There was an uncomfortable amount of information on recombinant DNA methods, and viral weaponry. It is speculated that viruses were used to genetically redirect our evolution since viruses are the only organism that could attach to the human and impart a new genetic code.

According to the aliens our religions were given to us so, as the aliens said, "to prevent the 'containers' from destroying themselves".  There were various references to religious belief systems that currently exist today.

The Reticulans can exert a form of mind control on humans.  This form of control is best started when the human is quiet and relaxed.  Sleeping is preferable.  Stimulated states of mind proved this form of mind control ineffective.


Alien Anatomy
   They have a central organ, as illustrated by the dark kidney shaped patch in the left view. Within the chest cavity this single organ is compartmentalized and includes the heart, lungs, stomach and other unknown organs.  From the outside, this organ looked like a large pear shaped organ.   The neck had thick vein-like muscles and the frail front view of the neck is supported by the side and back views which display this body's intense muscle structure for it's size.
    The shoulders were square and when the head was looking down at someone, it would appear the point of the chin were resting on a block.
The facial features, nose and mouth primarily, were slight. Not like the current lore, displaying  mimetic expressiveness, wrinkles, and lips.  There wasn't a nose, simply two slightly tapered holes.  The mouth was a slit and very finely filleted.
    The ear canals continued to the surface and didn't require "collector dishes" like we do.  It has been theorized and even fantasized that these beings speak in a form of telepathy.  With their flattened ear structure, they could simply be speaking in a frequency higher than ours.  It wouldn't have to be that much higher than a dog's frequency for it to escape our ears.  It would also seem logical that highly advanced beings, if communicating audibly, would pick the highest frequency they could to deliver the most information in the same amount of time.

Reticulum actually means "the net" and is the name given to it by someone on earth because it resembles a fishing net as viewed from earth.

Alien Trouble
    Barry Castillio, Lazar's coworker, told the story of an altercation that took place in 1979 between the aliens and the humans at the base.  Apparently, the aliens were given a location at the facility to conduct experiments.  It was agreed between the aliens and humans that there would be human military guards  securing the immediate perimeter.  One day, due to the volatility concerns the aliens had over a certain experiment that they were conducting, they demanded that the guards not be present.  The concern was that the bullets in their guns and gunbelts would cause a reaction.  The guards refused and proceeded to come closer to the danger area.  They were immediately terminated by the aliens, later found by two other guards to be lying dead of identical head wounds.
    The actions and reactions of these events escalated until 44 military guards  were killed.  The aliens then killed the scientist they were teaching and left the facility and much of the alien technology behind.
    The back engineering program began in late 1979 with the remaining hardware and technology.  Before the aliens left, they somehow stated that they would return at a date represented by six digits starting with 1625xx. Lazar was given no cross reference for this date to our numbering system and couldn't speculate as to what the date meant.  The xx's indicate unknown numbers.
Following are a few of the sketches Bob faxed over the years to JFI in order to help illustrate the the hardware and events of Sector Four on the Nellis Air Force Range.

About Bob Lazar
For the duration of Lazar's employment at S4 , he was paid by the United States Navy.

In August 1990, George Knapp, the reporter that first broke the story, uncovered a W2 for Robert Lazar. This slip represents payments, after deductions, for five days, (non-consecutive) working at the S4 base. Lazar started at the end of December 1988.  And had only been at the base five times before the new year.

Note at the top of the slip is a field reserved for the O.M.B. (Office of Management and Budget. )

Note Lazar's Employee number. E-6722MAJ. Compare the following badge, issued to Lazar by the security department at S4 .

Lazar noted that he had ' Majestic ' clearance. This clearance level was 48 levels above "Q" clearance.

At the bottom of the badge were the different sectors that this clearance would admit entrance to. Notice the S4 indication in the lower left corner. The other three sectors are unfamiliar to Lazar. DS - ETL - WX.

You Decide......................

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