An Introduction In To The Dark World Of Black Helicopter Conspiracies

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[Black Helicopters]

The phenomonen of " black helicopters" is a relatively new entry into the world of conspiracy, but it is no less ominous for that. Making their first appearance in the early years of the seventies, in the US the black helicopters have been theorised  to be many things, none of them terribly comforting. 
T he description of the machines by eyewitnesses is nearly universal: they appear to be sleek state of the art  flying craft, painted a deep black - reportedly to throw off rader tracking-- and are usually devoid of  markings or insignia. They are equipped with high intensity  searchlights, and move through the skies with  a silence thought impossible by todays level of technology. Their  activities are equally inscrutable- while they tend to be spotted in remote areas, small fleets have been spotted flying across cities. The black helicopters routinely break FAA regulations  by failing to display a n identifying green light and by flying  below minimum height limits.
There have been instances of the helicopters pursuing citizens. For instance a teenager was chased for 45 minutes by a black helicopter in Louisiana in 1944, and in a similar case a car was followed  down US Highway 395 in Washington State.Sometimes the black helicopters open fire on people on the ground. when the crew of the helicopters are seen they are dressed in black uniforms, appearing as forbidding as the craft they travel in. Sightings of the black helicopters occur throughout the US, with a curious focus on Texas and Colorado. When asked about the origin of the airship,local authourities routinely claim they are Federal  government or  military craft. but the military- unsurprisingly- claims to have no knowledge of them.

Some reports claim the black helicopters are also capable of  shapeshifting, occasionally taking on the form of a flying saucer.


Underground Government Bunkers
The helicopters have been thought to be associated with massive underground bunkers, constructed for the top echelons of the US government and military for use should there be an obliterating  global catastrophe. These safe holes for the powerful fall under the aegis of several  secretive  US organizations, including the NSA, the Pentagon and the CIA. FEMA (the Federal Emergency Management Agency), long suspected to be a front  for the New World Order, also controls these bunkers. The helicopters could be based there,  maintaining security and keeping out curious taxpayers. Also suspected : the Drug Enforcement Agency; the CIA;  Wackenhut Security( used extensively for US government programmes); and civillian helicopters painted black.


The New World Order
The black choppers are feared to be the first wave of assault in the implementation of the New World Order. Trained in covert  activities, they could merely be  waiting for the word to strike.

Black helicopters were often reported in areas  of cattle mutilation and UFO sightings, which suggests a link  between the  two type of  incident. The choppers could be working in tandem with the aliens, ensuring their experiments on cattle proceed unhindered, or could themselves be  procuring the unfortunate animals for  their other worldly  allies.

Men In Black
Since sightings of the MIBs have dropped off in recent years, perhaps they've  simply traded in their  black cadillacs for the moe refined  ride of a matte black helicopter. The appearance of men  in black uniforms aboard the choppers support this theory.Also suspected:  military  biological black ops: mass  hallucination.

In some instances, low flying  helicopters have been reported to disperse a mysterious material that is lethal to small animals and makes humans terribly ill. In one instance in Nevada in 1995 a farmer lost 13 of his  livestock to a black helicopter spraying. Half a year later vegitation still had not grown back in the area where the spray had fallen.

Since 1993 The United States of America has been in a  state of emergency. It has never been revoked  since that time, not even following the end of World War 11.  And why should it be?  A state of emergency allows the Preident more  power than he would normally have, as outlined  in the Constitution of The United States. At any time a state of  martial law can be declared, suspending the rights of American citizens - those rights that  they believe are invioable. The black helicopters, apparently answerable to no-one, could be simply lying in wait for  the day  when the President tires of democracy.

What's most depressing about these all-powerful machines of death is their complete lack of fashion sense. Black is so 1988.  A nice two-tone blue shade, with perhaps a fashionably ironic smiley face sticker on the windscreen, could do absolutely loads for their public image.

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