Janet Facility
A Brief History Of The JANET Facility

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A Brief History of JANET Facility, also known as Area 51. Known today only as the Johnson Airbase Nevada Experimental Test Facility (JANET) what many people like Glen Campbell call "Area Fifty One", is simply the Air Force's most supersecret War Craft Development Test Flight Laboratory Facility, known as JANET Facility. The term "Johnson" commemorates the base's founder, which was formerly called "GLANET" (Groom Lake Airbase Nevada Experimental Test Facility). 

The name, Area 51, refers to the area to the west of Groom Lake, which was Parcel #51 on the Tonopah Nuclear Bomb Test Range area maps maintained by the Atomic Energy Commission and AT&T/Sandia. But Area 51 is not the Test Facility. Groom Lake, itself, is really adjacent to Nellis Air Force Base. An unassigned flood plain, it was annexed and in 1958 first placed under the jurisdiction of the US Central Intelligence Agency (where it remains today). JANET's builders, the CIA, had a very special facility some 40 miles to its west, with capabilities to build something like JANET... and so, the CIA built JANET (then called GLANET) after requisition requests for it's allocation were entered by Kelly Johnson of Lockheed Corporation. Kelly Johnson is formally the founder of JANET, hence it today bears his name (although that fact, too, is classified). 

The Name 
The name JANET continues on today for the GLANET Facility, its a classified name, but interestingly, Lockheed and other contractors who go and work at JANET, take jets from a Las Vegas Airport, innocuous white Jets, with a red stripe, which themselves are only referred to by Air Traffic Control by the JANET designation. 

Historically, JANET (aka Area 51) Facility first came into being in 1958 as the GLANET Facility under direct orders from President Eisenhower. Kelly Johnson (the Johnson in the JANET acronym), master airframe designer for Lockheed, under contract to develop a supersecret spy plane designed to give the Eisenhower Administration a working chance at spying on Russian Military Buildups within the boundaries of the Soviet Union, hired Test Pilot Tony Levier to scout out locations in the desert where his new airplane, later known as the U-2, could be test flown. Flying a small scout craft, Levier searched the sands of Nevada for a flat, dry lake bed, as this was a vogue 'natural runway' often found geologically in the desert where craft could land. He was looking for a naturally secluded one, and quite accidentally discovered Groom Lake on his tenth flyover mission while scouting near Nellis Air Force Base. Groom Lake was perfect, and as it turned out, the CIA, who had responsibility for security for this new facility, had its own installation some 40 miles to the west, and agreed to build JANET in the sands between Goom Lake and the adjacent mountain range, labelled perversely "the Nellis Bombing and Gunnery Range" on some maps. 

The Facility Walter WinchesterWhat you have seen in telephoto photographs ever since, called Area 51 by the press, is actually the above ground portion of the JANET facility. Some of the facility is below ground, but none of it in the basalt mountains, unlike the reports of Bob Lazar, which were very craftilly disinformed to the public under control of the Central Intelligence Agency to use public excitement about Unidentified Flying Objects a chance to take hold around JANET, in 1996, and for the last three years, to hide tests of the supersecret high powered Super Stealth Transatmospheric Hypersonic Warcraft. These test flights have been underway, while all the stories and rumors perpetrated by the likes of Bob Lazar and Glen Campbell have continued to circulate creating a perfect SMOKE SCREEN to cover the flights of the aircraft, while stories about something called Aurora are circulated. The Warcraft presently under test at Janet Facility (and several variants along similar lines that can carry different weapons satchels) is designed to go well above the flight level of the previous super secret craft that have emitted from the Skunk Works and Dreamland and been tested at JANET (aka Area 51). 

Flight Tests on Experimental Craft 
These prior craft developed and flight tested at Groom Lake / JANET Facility, were: 

U-2 capable of flight up to 80,000 feet (memorable as the first camera bearing high altitude flight craft, which was shot down by Russia resulting in the conviction of Francis Gary Powers in the 60's.) 1958-1963 A-12 (successor to the U-2) capable of flight at Mach 3 and up to 80,000 feet (which, because of its speed, was felt to be capable of carrying cameras beyond the range of Russian Missiles) 1963-1966 SR-71 (successor to the A-12) capable of flight at up to Mach 4 and upto 88,000 feet, in order to further evade developing Russian missile interceptor development. 1966-the70's 

Red Hat Era 
During this period, America was able to corrupt certain Russian officials, and obtained complete MIG fighters and Russian Radar, and JANET became a test flight facility for American Air Men, called RED HATS, who test flew Russia's best 'stolen' fighters, using the information in the design of American technology. 1970's to 1980 

Have Blue Era aka the Stealth Development period Based on information gathered about Russian fighters, and Russian Radar, the US continued to develop its Air frames introducing a new STEALTH design designed to evade Russian Radar and elude Russian MIGS stolen by the US by corrupting Russian figures. late 1970's to 1977 Tacit BLUE Era aka the Stealth Figher/Bomber Development period During this period, odd smooth and boxy airframes were tested that could easily be mistaken for UFOs, eventually leading to the design of the Stealth Fighter and the Stealthy B2 Bomber. 1977-1985 

Introduction of the F-117 and the B2 
After years of development, the Stealth Figher, developed and tested in the skys above JANET, using Russian Radar and MIG Fighters to assist in developing their Stealthy abilities, the F-117 Blackhawk, and the B-2 Bomber. Launched in 1986, the era lasted from 1986 to 1992 and the Gulf War. 

The LAZAR / CAMPBELL Strategy 
In 1996, four years after the Gulf War, to provide Added Protection to the ongoing development of new advanced warcraft, the CIA and the Pentagon, used Bob Lazar to spread rumors of UFOs being developed in caverns, dubbed S-4, in the mountains adjacent to JANET Facility. Others, such as Glen Campbell and certain news announcers, were influenced to create vast publicity campaigns for the purposes of promoting the concept. This Strategy attracted so many visitors to the outskirts of the JANET Facility (aka Area 51), that it gave the Air Force grounds to extend its RESTRICTED area to include adjacent mountains and additional air space and lands. It also so clouded over what Warcraft were being developed by the Air Force, that no one has been able to get any pictures, despite numerous Jet Aircraft Test Flights ongoing at the base. In addition, 'Sight Influence Technologies' were installed at the base to project odd "Lights" into 3D Space around the JANET Facility, creating the illusion of different kinds of 'UFO'-like objects at JANET, in support of the HOAX perpetrated by the CIA and the Pentagon. And, further publication support and truth obfuscation activities/disinformation campaigns underwent constant development. 

The Hypersonic Transatmospheric Warcraft Period 
Called by the public "Aurora", presently underway at JANET FACILITY is the development of the Air Force's first Transatmospheric Hypersonic Warcraft, a plane with NO NAME, so secret that even the Pentagon can't find out who is responsible for designing or building it. Nonetheless, the HYPERSONIC TRANSATMOSPHERIC WARFIGHTER AIRCRAFT (HYPERSONIC TRANSAT WARCRAFT or HTW) is being test flown today at speeds of up to Mach 6 within the atmosphere, and up to Mach 10 using a scram jet accelerator and a limited duration hydrogen powered rocket for above the atmosphere flight. 

Capable of surveillance without detection at low orbit radius, the craft can reach any part of the globe in under 3 hours. With booster, it also could reach satellites in orbit, achieving escape velocity (22KMPH) in a special mode for which it is designed. The HYPERSONIC TRANSAT WARCRAFT is supposedly going to be ready for introduction by the year 2004 or 2005, and will be capable of very large weapons contingents, including directed energy weapons, and high output miniaturized flight controlled nuclear weapons. 

Security Today at JANET 
Today, JANET Facility has again become cloaked in extreme secrecy, its notariety keeping the public focus and that of the national intelligence forces of the World. It is unable to be scrutinized from the ground, nothing can fly close enough to it to take pictures, and it is equipped with SATELLITE BLINDERS, special weapons which can knock down overflying satellites or, at least, blind them. With the perfectly mischaracterized camoflage of the Lazar/Campbell Strategy, along with public misinformation campaigns and Pentagon claims of denial, the activities at JANET Facility are literally a tissue of deception keeping so-called 'enemies' of the United States at bay with misinformation, disinformation, smoke screens, and clouds of false information, all designed to make the technology being developed and tested at JANET Facility almost ANYTHING that the mind could imagine. And, it could be. Nothing better than keeping your opposition off guard and spending millions developing weapons to defend against what you don't know exists... Humanity is far from a peaceful people, eh. Long before Humanity's admission to any Galactic Civilized Federation, humans will have to outgrow these things of war, unilaterally, as a species. After all, its a tiny Universe out there!

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