An Introduction In To The Dark World Of Aids Conspiracies

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It has been called the Black Plague of the Twentieth Century, A disease so widespread and virulent that it's victims are counted in millions. AIDS has become one of  the great fears of our time, terrifying not only because of it's lethal and incurable nature' but also because of the moral stigma that is attached to the disease.To be diagnosed with AIDS is not only to be faced with a life destroying  ailment, but to be tarred with questions about your most private behaviour. Many members of society tacitly (and not so tacitly) regard AIDS as a punishment from above for "immorality".
 The first appearance of AIDS is disputed, but most authorities point towards it's rise in the late Seventies. At first it was thought to be a viral disease limited to Homosexuals, with much media attention focusing on the "bathhouse" lifestyles of urban gays. But as time passed , AIDS began to show that it  infected anyone , regardless of sexual inclination.  Researchers discovered it was  transmitted during the  sharing of bodily fluids, (unprotected sex), through the sharing of needles, and through infected  blood transfusions. It could also be passed from mother to unborn child in the womb and through breastfeeding. No more was it  a disease  specific to the gay community-AIDS threatende the world.

However is it possible that AIDS is more than just another disease nature has thrown our way? Could AIDS be something darker than that, something that man himself has created? As the disease continues to baffle researchers, questions are raised that this calamitous virus, which could potentially wipe out the entire human species, may have slipped out of a man-made pandoras box.

The AIDS virus seems to affect some races more than others,  with a markedly higher infection rate among Latinos, Native Americans, and Blacks. Death also comes more quickly to members of those races once they are infected with AIDS which prompts some theorists to pose the question of why a  naturally-occuring virus would evolve so it could  differentiate between different human races.


The US Governement and Military
There are strong indications that AIDS may have been a government chemical weapon that ran off  the tracks of it's original course- which was yo deal with over population.In 1969, at a house appropriations hearing, the US Defence  Department, through it's Biological Warfare Department, pleaded for tax dollars to develop a disease with the capability of attacking it's victim immune system while being resistant to the human immune's system's attacks. The money was granted.
In the early Seventies, Henry Kissinger wrote a National Security Memorandum in which he described  the problem of over population in the Third World and stated that the problem should be a priority in the foriegn policy of the US. Indeed the over population problem was considered a threat to  the national security of the US. It's also interesting to know that  following World War 11 several ex-Nazis and japanese germ warfare  specialists were engaged by the US military.
The new disease it is rumoured was targeted at homosexuals first because it was felt that people would'nt take it seriously in the early stages, seeing it more as a marginalized gay problem ' than a gay problem affecting everyone. How the disease was introduced  into the population is disputed, although a Hepatitis B vaccine issued to several gay men in San Francisco and New York,in 1978 seems the likely launch mechanism.

In an attempt to destabilize Cuba , the CIA may have tried to introduce African  Swine Fever into the population. The plan while successful backfired, with ASF returning to the States, mutating to the disease we know as AIDS today.
Also suspected: a black ops genocide programme aimed at blacks and homosexuals: the World Health Organization.


Pharmaceutical research companies
In an effort to keep much neede grant money rolling in, pharmaceutical and research facilities have  created the myth of the AIDS crisis, lumping together several diseases under one umbrella in order to instil a sense of panic.The use of drugs such as AZT and Interferon in the treatment of AIDS is also suspicious. The drugs are expensive, and there is a body of opinion that thinks the drugs do more harm than good. Yet the sales of such drugs keep profit margines high and stockholders happy.
Pesticides The Third World has always been a dumping ground for chemicals the rest of the world doesn't want, including extremely toxic pesticides. One group of pesticides organophosphates is remarkably lethal The symptoms  this group of pesticides  cause in humans  include those associated with Influenza- such as sweating headache and diarrhoea- are disturbingly similar to those attributed to AIDS.

Worldwide pollution Another theory states that AIDS is simply a mutated virus, the process of which has been aided by modern technology. For a start the highest levels of chemical pollution the planet hasever seen favour mutations, then jet travel help viruses to move around the globe more rapidly than ever before. A virus in Durban South Africa can easily meet with one in Chicago, Illonois in the space of a day. This means that the rate at which new virus strains develop has  been accelerated dramatically.
Also suspected: improper handling of infected  test monkeys in laborartories: a natural cleansing plague created by nature to handle overpopulation.

In it's proposal to the House Appropriations hearing in 1969, the Defence Department said it could have the new disease up and running within five  to ten years. The first incidents of AIDS were reported in the late seventies, showing that if nothing else, the Defence Department is punctual.

Of those who recieved the Hepatitis B vaccination in New York in 1978, more than half were diagnosed with AIDS by 1984.

Sceptically Speaking
As anyone involved in cancer research will tell you, there is more money to be made in treating the disease than in actually curing it, even disease  manufactured in a goverment lab. If AIDS is ever cured rest assured a more lethal disease will appear on the horizon. Perhaps it already has, we call it Ebola.

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